Laur is an Oakland based mixed-media artist/performer with seven years of diverse experience spanning nonprofit arts administration, fashion styling, art direction and multidisciplinary performing ritual arts production. She has an embodied knowledge of professionalism, artistry, and innovation stemming from independent and collaborative work with influential arts organizations/startups, colleagues, clients, community groups, and artists in the culmination of performance, image making/styling, installation, and workshops in both public and private realms. Skillful improvisation through a strong and practiced intuitive approach grounds her creative strategies in empathy, personal history and imagination. Currently, she freelances and she is the Project/Tour Manager for Dohee Lee Puri Arts (DLPA).


Freelance Performer, Stylist/Art Director
Jan 2015 to present

Dohee Lee Puri Arts Project/Tour Manager
Sep 2014 to present

Stitch Fix Senior Stylist
Jan 2015 to Jan 2018